Dancing on the knee / 1984 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / drawing on crashed paper

Washington state in 1964, Selma Ježková, a Czech immigrant has moved to the United States with her son, Gene Ježek. They live a life of poverty as Selma works at a factory with her good friend Kathy, whom she nicknames Cvalda. She rents a trailer home on the property of town policeman Bill Houston and his wife Linda. She is also pursued by the shy but persistent Jeff, who also works at the factory.

Selma has a degenerative eye condition and is losing her vision. She has been saving up to pay for an operation which will prevent her young son from losing his vision. She also takes part in rehearsals for a production of The Sound of Music and accompanies Kathy to the local cinema where together they watch fabulous Hollywood musicals, as Cvalda describes them to her.

In her day-to-day life, Selma slips into daydreams. Soon Jeff and Cvalda begin to realize that Selma can barely see at all. Additionally, Bill reveals to Selma that his materialistic wife Linda spends more than his salary, and the bank is going to take his house. To comfort Bill, Selma reveals her eye condition, hoping that together they can keep each other’s secret. Bill then hides in the corner of Selma’s home, knowing she can’t see him, and watches as she puts some money in her kitchen tin.

The next day, after having broken her machine the night before through careless error, Selma is fired from her job. When she comes home to put her final wages away she finds the tin is empty; she goes next door to report the theft to Bill and Linda, only to hear Linda discussing how Bill has brought home their safe deposit box to count their savings. Knowing that Bill was broke and that the money he is counting must be hers, she confronts him and attempts to take the money back. He draws a gun on her, and in a struggle he is wounded. Linda runs off to tell the police at Bill’s command. Bill then begs Selma to take his life, telling her that this will be the only way she will ever reclaim the money that he stole from her. Selma shoots at him several times, but due to her blindness manages to only maim Bill further. In the end, she performs a coup de grâce with the safe deposit box. Selma slips into a trance and imagines that Bill’s corpse stands up and slow dances with her, urging her to run to freedom. She does, and takes the money to the Institute for the Blind to pay for her son’s operation before the police can take it from her.

Selma is caught and eventually put on trial. It is here that she is pegged as a Communist sympathizer and murderess. Although she tells as much truth about the situation as she can, she refuses to reveal Bill’s secret, saying that she had promised not to. Additionally, when her claim that the reason she didn’t have any money was because she had been sending it to her father in Czechoslovakia is proven false, she is convicted and given the death penalty. Cvalda and Jeff eventually put the pieces of the puzzle together and get back Selma’s money, using it instead to pay for a trial lawyer who can free her. Selma becomes furious and refuses the lawyer, opting to face the death penalty rather than let her son go blind, but she is deeply distraught as she awaits her death. Although a sympathetic female prison guard named Brenda tries to comfort her, the other state officials are eager to see her executed. Brenda encourages Selma to walk. On the gallows, she becomes terrified, so that she must be strapped to a collapse board. Her hysteria when the hood is placed over her face delays the execution. Selma begins crying hysterically and Brenda cries with her, but Cvalda rushes to inform her that the operation was successful and that Gene will see. Relieved, Selma sings the final song on the gallows with no musical accompaniment, although she is hanged before she finishes.


Exhaust Finisher of Porsche 964 / 2017 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Painted on Aged Object

Exhaust Finisher of Porsche 964 / 2017 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Painted on Aged Object…


Actual Texture equal surface finish / 2018 / Scanned from Splatter paint on German Etching paper

Actual Texture equal surface finish / 2018 / Scanned from Splatter paint on German Etching paper…


Just kidding by Digital Camouflage / 2012 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Digital picture + special effect 

Just kidding by Digital Camouflage / 2012 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Digital picture + special effect …


SO902i Mobile Phone / 2012 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Sculptured Object

SO902i Mobile Phone / 2012 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Sculptured Object…


CinemaScope / 2020 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Drawing tablet pen on digital paper

CinemaScope / 2020 / Kazumasa Tsuihiji / Drawing tablet pen on digital paper…




対比地 一正  ツイヒジカズマサ  Kazumasa Tsuihiji

コンテンポラリーアートの分野に限り、アーティストネーム”Johnny Mnemonic”を使用、さらに表現方法のバリエーションに合わせてJMがイニシャルの作家名を多数使用する。
(Kazumasa Tsuihiji 対比地一正 ツイヒジカズマサ Johnny Mnemonic


*1980 日本大学芸術学部在学中よりフリーランス・イラストレーターとしてのキャリアをスタートその後あらゆるメディアで視覚伝達の仕事に携わる
*1983 SOLO EXHIBITION・電通ギャラリー
*1984 朝日広告賞・表現技術部門賞(イラストレーション)
*1985 朝日広告賞・不動産部門賞
*1986 SOLO EXHIBITION・(銀座アートギャラリー)
*1989 アートレップ・ファンデーション(New York City)に作家登録。海外での活動を開始
*1991 第8回ATP賞・グランプリ(フジテレビ・『カノッサの屈辱』美術担当)
*1995 第12回ATP賞・グランプリ(フジテレビ・『料理の鉄人』美術担当)
*2000   SIEGRAPHオープニングムービーを制作
*2010  View of FIVE・Gallery art point
*2011  Abstraction・Gallery art point
*2011   Larotica 2011・Gallery art point
*2011   EXHIBITION EARTH By HEART・Gallery art point
*2012  EXHIBITION FIVE 3・Gallery art point
*2013  EXHIBITION FIVE 4・Gallery art point
*2014  EXHIBITION FIVE 5・Gallery art point
*2015  EXHIBITION FIVE 6・Gallery art point
*2016  EXHIBITION FIVE 7・Gallery art point
*2017  EXHIBITION FIVE 8・Gallery art point


*1984〜1995 日本大学芸術学部美術学科・非常勤講師
*1987〜1998 WALT DISNEY ENTERPRISE JAPAN・オーソライズドアーティスト(フィニッシング)
*1995〜2000 FICCE UOMO・オーソライズドデザイナー(グラフィック)
*2000〜2003 S2EDITION (New York City) 及び KS fine art (New York City)のプロデュースにより、全米アートショウに出品
*2006〜Johnny Mnemonicとしてコンテンポラリーアートの作品制作を開始する